boucher all the way

My main guitar is a 6-string Cherry Goose acoustic made by Boucher in Canada. It’s the first decent guitar I’ve ever owned and I love it to bits. I’d never heard of them until the guy in the music store gave me one to play. I spent two hours trying to persuade myself I didn’t need a guitar that good (and  expensive) … and failed.

less is more

Guitar number two is my secret weapon … a Martin Backpacker steelstring with a MiSi piezo pickup (no battery, which is good because there’s no room to fit one). It’s cheap and compact, yet sounds huge when you plug it in. The neck is clunky but I don’t mind. Martin says to use 10° strings max; I use 11°s but tune them low – either to D standard / DADGAD, or a semitone below.